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Many Hearts are One





Few people go through life without a broken heart, and often our hearts are shattered.

It is only when our hearts open through the brokenness that we can restore the sense of wholeness in our hearts and in our love for ourselves and love for others.

I recently attended a Chakradance retreat in Bali. I had high expectations for this event. I was hoping that the magical energy of Bali, the brilliant combination of music, movement and script that Chakradance offers, and the fact that it was the first retreat of this nature for Natalie Southgate and Jenny Curtis would provide an unforgettable and life-changing event. I was not disappointed.

My biggest battle at the time wat a shattered heart. I found it difficult to forgive and to restore my sense wholeness. I was angry and resentful, but in my heart, I kept the hope that this retreat would help me to work through my pain.

On the fourth day of the retreat, we danced the heart chakra. The name of this chakra is Anahata, and the meaning thereof is the unhurt one. I was so aware of the pain in my heart, and how much work I had to do to find balance in this chakra. During the 3rd part of the dance, I could feel the healing presence of Arch Angel Raphael. As we drew our mandalas after the dace, I received the inspiration for this meditation. The name of the mandala is: Many hearts are one.

When I got home, I reviewed the mandalas and then started working on this meditation. I started finding immediate relief, although I realise that the healing process has just begun. You have to allow yourself time to heal. However, the most important lesson that this meditation has taught me is not how true forgiveness brings healing to us, but that, in the end, it is the forgiveness of the self that brings the most healing.

You may recognise the Hawaiin prayer, Ho'oponopno

This meditation is to all people who, just like me, find it difficult to open our shattered hearts. My wish is that you will receive the healing and opening of a shattered heart.

Meditation – Many hearts are one

Find a place where you can be still. Lighting a candle or candles and placing different objects may help you to turn the area you have chosen into a calm, peaceful and healing space.  A good idea is to add something green as it is the colour of healing.

Make yourself comfortable – a chair or seated on the ground is fine as long as you can be relaxed, and you are able to focus.

Take three deep breaths, and as you breathe out, let go of anything you do not need in this space.

Let go of the stories running in your head.

Take another slow, deep breath, and bring your awareness to your heart space.

Feel the shatteredness of your heart.

See the many pieces of your broken heart, and then feel the discomfort and physical pain in your heart space.

The healing ritual:

Focus on one of the many pieces of your broken heart

Take it in your imaginary hands and feel what it feels like.

Allow a situation or a person linked to this particular piece of your heart to emerge from your memory.

Keeping hold of the broken part of your heart, allow yourself to become aware of the hurt that you carried in this broken piece of your heart. Feel and hear and see the hurt in your heart, without focussing on the story surrounding it.

Without delving into the detail of the story, acknowledge how your behaviour that came from your hurt might have hurt that person. It might be the way you started setting boundaries, or the anger and resentment you started to feel towards them. Let the story float very vaguely in the background, but do not allow it any priority in the process. Just acknowledge how easily we hurt once we are hurt. It is important to steer your focus away from any blame or guilt.

Now focus on the broken piece in your loving hands, and then watch as a beautiful heart emerges from it. Look at the colour, savour the sensation in your hands and the fragrance it brings with it. Allow it to expand, and then fill your heart space with its colour, fragrance and unique presence. Pay attention to the richness of its colour, the fragrance and the feeling that fill your heart space.

See the person/situation that joined you for this session, and surround it in a brilliant light. Make the light as bright as you possibly can, and say the following words to him/her/the situation:

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you

We are free now.

Smile, and release the person/situation into the light.

Now all yourself to reside in your heart space. Listen to it. Feel it. Breathe it. Just be there with it and let go of any stories that may arise in your mind. Sit until the discomfort in your heart subsides, and you can sit in glow and fragrance of your new heart. Feel how lovely it feels inside your body.

Repeat this ritual as many times as you need to. Each broken piece will release a different face and a different memory. Refrain from working with the detail of the memory. Just keep on working with your senses inside the body.

You will have the best result if you do it as a daily practice until your heart has found its wholeness.

I wish for you peace, wholeness and happiness.