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Help during the lock-down

Don't suffer on your own!

While the battle around the Corona-virus pandemic hits the headlines, many people are isolated. This storm inside their minds is creating havoc to their mental health. And that impacts on their ability to stay calm and build a strong immune system.

Just like we need to curb the curve of the infection rate, we need to flatten the curve of our emotional state.

If you find your emotions hitting the highs, know that you are not alone. Many people have the same struggle. Even therapists trained to help others deal with emotional stress, find themselves in new and uncharted waters.

The smart step would be to get help during this time. You may find that it would not only help you deal with your stress, but you will be able to see the many new opportunities that a situation like this can bring. Do not let the new normal get you down. Make the most of this unique situation to build a strength that might paint your future much brighter than you would imagine it could ever be!


Our golden tool


Over many years, the simple exercise of journalling helped people to create the changes they wanted. They discovered that the simple act of putting words on paper carried so much authority. It helped people to heal from devastating illness, to change a state of finances, love affairs, and so much more.

Every one has the power to take charge of their own destiny. Journalling will provide you with all the tools you need to make profound changes.

Today change happens so fast around us, and with the Covid-19 pandemic, as a global nation, we are walking into a mute and unknown future. You too, can embrace the opportunity to take charge of your life by crafting it through simple journalling techniques.

Expressive Art

Expressive Art Therapy

Imagine how the use of colour, shapes, movement, sound and words guide you back to a state of health, wellbeing and happiness. This basic use of art is as old as the human being itself - a gateway to your deep inner wisdom that adds meaning to your everyday life.

Journaling for Change

The Journaling Workshops


Meditation - Pretoria

Meditation happens when you cross the golden bridge from the logical outer world to the enchanted inner world. All of us have a fairly good idea what the outer world is like.
Metabolic Balance

Metabolic balance - Pretoria

Metabolic Balance is part of the holistic weight loss and weight management program. Metabolic Balance is a product of profound research on weight loss and weight management.

Dr. Elsi Meyer

Ever since I was a child, I was looking for the magical bridge between the mind and the body. This took me on a wonderful journey. Today I am a trained psychologist, kinesiologist and writer. I am delighted to have added Chakradance to my practice of expressive arts, the Creative Journey. These sessions are ways to cross the magical bridge, to learn more of yourself and your own strengths, and to live fully. I look forward to welcome you to a class soon.

Featured Article

Journeying the Seven Chakras through Chakradance®

I am so excited to announce our program for Chakradance® 2018. Ancient traditions have shown that when we journey into the body, we find not only a force that has the potential to become our personal guru, teacher and mother, but we find the true self that we yearn for throughout our lives.


Chakradance, the Earth Chakras

What are the earth chakras? Think spirituality, and you think higher chakras, the love of the heart, speaking your truth, seeing beyond the physical and the wisdom of the crown chakra.