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Journeying - Vissudha

The healing power of your unique song....


This wise healer recognizes the unsung song, trapped in the suffering body. It hides in the hurt of the past; and in the fears and obsessions of the future. It is restless, it causes harm to spirit, mind and ultimately to the body.

When it finds expression, it does so in tones of complaints, resentment, gossiping and the monkey-chatter that prevent the mind from having peace and engaging in its true purpose, that of creativity.

Healers throughout millennia knew that the act of singing opens the act of healing in the body.

Chakradance takes this process to the next level in the dance of the chakras.

The song is born in the groundedness of the base chakra,

It finds its personal shape and tune in the fluidity of the sacral chakra.

The creative fire ignites when it moves up through the fire of the solar plexus,

It is purified in the heart chakra where opposites meet to give birth to the force of the unique song.

As it is finally released through the ether in Vissudha, the throat chakra, it echoes the truths of the Universe, and restore your connection to Life itself.

This marks the end of separation and suffering of the unsung song. The vibration in the body that starts very small, has a butterfly effect, it has the potential to create a storm of healing on a distant continent. What happens in your personal life is even more significant… as you start singing you own song, your true vibration morphs your passion in life into something tangible, would it be your love of healing; love of food; love of serving; love of making art; love of love itself. Your life becomes an expression of your personal passion; it may become the way to support you and your family. Through Chakradance you relearn how to own your voice, reconnect to Life, and live a life you love.

A life of suffering transforms to a life of creative expression and healing.