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'Re-mind your body' - almost there




After a three year journey of putting the puzzle pieces together, 'Re-mind your Body' is almost ready to see the light.
Ideas morphed into words, which formed paragraphs and chapters. Over time, pictures, diagrams and quotations fell into place. With the help of the publisher, linguists and readers in the form of my husband and brave friends, the book is on its way to the printer. Almost.
As a self-declared student of life, this was maybe not the toughest school, but the most intricate one. I had to master so many fascets!

This book will introduce you to a robust yet neglected part of your intelligence. This genius is your body-mind, and it is responsible for 95% of your thinking, even if most people are oblivious of this fact!

I invite you on a journey where you will expand your awareness to merge with the wisdom and infinite knowledge hidden in the billions of cells inside your body.

You will be welcomed home by the warmth and comforting presence of your body-mind. You will realise that this is what you have been missing all your life:


  • best friend
  • guide
  • teacher
  • wise one


If this is what you have been looking for, don't miss this book!

inner-body, wisdom-, teacher, body-mind, guide, thinking, best friend, wise one

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