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The Magical Mandala

Mandalas, simple or complex, symmetrical or odd shaped, all have in common a center point and an outer edge. Your psyche will recognize and be drawn to it as the symbol of wholeness. It carries the reflection of your completeness, wisdom and authenticity.

The center is everywhere. It holds the mystery – the pure potential from which everything you create emanates.

The outer edge is not in a particular place. The secret to it lies in the fact that it is the turning point that sways back to the center.

Nature reveals a multitude of powerful mandalas. The sun, the moon and the earth, the galaxies! The face of a flower and the ripples of the water's surface on a pool where a stone is cast and the footprint of the raindrop on the dusty window. The wonder of each uniquely shaped face, eyes and hand palms are mandalas that encompass the information of each being.

Another fascinating mandala is the atom, one with rich potential to understand the human mind.


While the electrons of the atom turn at some point and find their way back in the direction of the nucleus, it is a powerful structure. If the atom splits, and the electrons keep moving away, the power becomes destructive.

This is a beautiful reflection of the Western mind. It is not in our nature to take their minds back to their essence and nurture their spirituality. Spirituality is simple, it is about your body, the earth and what is. However, it is not easy, because the simplicity cuts deep. The Western mind keeps itself busy with life on the outside of the body. The essence of each individual is replaced with what you achieve and what you own, how much in control you are. When things go wrong, we tend to change our deodorant or buy a new car/dress/wife.

Mental, emotional and physical illness and broken relationships are the silent witnesses of our destructive minds that ignore the magical point of return to the essence. The mind that never returns to the essence leans heavily on things such as

  • Perfection – the best car, doctor and trainer for my child.
  • Certainty – how sure are you it is going to work out before you risk?
  • Intensity – bigger and better, louder and faster.
  • Focus on what is wrong – criticizing and correcting what is wrong in our opinion.

This often leads to short term relief, but in the long run, there is even further destruction.

Never in the history of humankind was the call back to our essence as strong as it is today. We need to find ways to bring our minds back to the core. Once again, it is the mandala that will offer ways to return to your essence. By drawing mandalas through free expression, our being recognizes the symbol of wholeness. While we engage in this enjoyable and freestyle drawing, we give our essence an opening to draw our energies back to who we really are.

Pretense and dependencies give way to authenticity. We tame our overprotective and obsessive minds and reconnect to the essence of openness and contentment. Courage replaces the grief, guilt and sadness that shackles our feet, to move forward in life in a thoughtful way without fear. From here we can go gently, leaving our imprints in life, celebrating our uniqueness and allowing compassion to enrich those we engage with.

Draw a Mandala a Day

By affording yourself a few minutes each day, you can use the mandala to take you inwards and ease out the wrinkles of your mind. All you need is a piece of paper and 6-12 pastels.

Sit quietly, and tune into your mind, your mood inside your body. Draw a circle, and start colouring shapes into your mandala. Give your mandala a name.

Do this every day for a month, and see what changes in the mandala and your mind.

Have fun!


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