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The Power of Thankfulness

Thankfulness is an emotion of the heart.

It moves us from experiencing ourselves and life itself as crappy, incoherent and out of control to an experience of equilibrium, peace and happiness.

One of the best ways to guard our hearts physically and emotionally is to be thankful.

You may ask: “Why do we have to guard our hearts?”




Think of this: the heart manifests everything we do.

If what we do flows forth from our heart, thankfulness makes the difference between a life out of control

and a life of equilibrium, peace and happiness.


Creative exercise for thankfulness:

Draw a tree like this one.


See how many ‘thankful leaves' you can draw in each day.

The more leaves you put on your tree, the better your life will become.

This exercise will not only help you to be more thankful and happy.

You will find that you become more connected to what you really want in life.






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