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Create a Mandala


Mandala is the Sanskrit word for magical circle. In the most basic sense, it is a circle - a shape of total balance. To the subconscious mind, the mandala is the symbol of wholeness. Universally, religion accepts a mandala is the symbol for perfection, the infinite, the all-encompassing. An old Gnostic saying reminds us that, "God is a circle, whose centre is everywhere and whose border is nowhere."

Labyrinths, many architectural mandalas, temples and churches, the shape of sacred places, magic sand circles and art worldwide in all cultures make use of mandalas. One can distinguish three principles of order in the structure of a mandala: the midpoint or the corethe bodyand the outside edge of the circle. The centre represents the inexplicable divine force, the birthplace of all being in space and time. The outward movement from the core attempt to reach the outer edge of the circle - the physical, mental and emotional bodies, and in the end there is a return to the centre. This action restores consciousness of the mind-body connection. By creating a mandala, we enter infinity, the movement from our soul essence outward, back to the core of the soul. All movement originate in the centre, the soul essence, and all movement return to the centre. The centre appears to be the beginning and the end of all potential paths.

As one old proverb says, "If you wish to understand the point then explore the periphery." The outer circle is the boundary, which reveals, surrounds and protects the sacred site of the soul.

Our bodies hold many mandalas for us to see: the eye, the face, the palm and the sole. Each of these mandalas appears to be simple on the surface, but holds complex and extensive information as revealed by iridology, chirology (hand-reading), reflexology and face reading (Siang Mien). Our eyes meet mandala structures in every aspect of life.

The inventive human mind has created many mandala forms for daily use, such as the wheel, the face of a clock, or a potter's wheel. However, the most significant source of mandalas can be found in nature herself. Nowhere else are we touched so profoundly by the beauty of a mandala as in the magic of flowers and blossoms. The mandala structure is also clearly revealed in the cross-sections of fruit, branches, stems, and roots as well as in birds' nests and spider webs. In the microscopic world, we meet its form in single-cell creatures or within the cells of plants or animals. It can also be found in some fascinating crystals, snowflakes, or in the structure of molecules. In the submicroscopic realm that lies beyond our visual perception and can only be made perceivable through mathematical models, the mandala is reflected in the atoms, which themselves resemble miniature solar systems. In our macroscopic world, our sun with its many planets moving around it is a mandala as well. Also, the sun unites with many other star systems into a spiral mandala, the Milky Way. Uncountable galaxies, bound together by an enormous energy field, seem to vibrate in one huge cosmic world mandala. The entire universe, with all its intergalactic space, is filled with and pulsates with mandala-like expanding and vibrating electromagnetic fields. Those fields connect all celestial bodies with one another and may even provide a mysterious form of communication among them. The infinite dimensions of the universe and its energetic processes, which transcend human comprehension, lead us to consider even more profound spiritual connections behind these many outer images. We cannot comprehend human life in its totality unless we direct our consciousness: to transcendent areas of being. By creating mandalas, we tap into our own Source of wisdom and healing; we cross the golden bridge of the body-mind connection. It is not only the structure of wholeness that is restored but also the communication with all forms and dimensions of life that can provide us with insight and healing.

During the online course Conscious Journalling for Change, we use mandalas to unlock the beautiful gifts of your mind. It can be used for so many purposes, and I invite you to join me on the next series of 7 weeks where among other tools, you will learn to use the mandala to travel to the riches of the information in your mind. 

I invite you to join us on the next online-course for your own personal and transforming experience!

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