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Metabolic Balance - Pretoria

Metabolic Balance is part of the holistic weight loss and weight management program. Metabolic Balance is a product of profound research on weight loss and weight management.

Dr Wolfgang Funfack was a physician who dedicated 30 years to research on metabolism to get to the root of modern-day weight problems.

This laboratory from Germany is still committed to serve people who are serious to restore their health and weight related problems.

This is a 100% natural approach, and there is NO added medication or injections. Dr Funfack was convinced that food is meant to be our medicine.

A unique package is compiled for each patient - in order to treat his/her unique state of health.

This meal plan distinct itself from other weight loss diets, as weight is not lost through the limitation of food

intake, but due to the fact that metabolism is restored. Although weight loss is a quick result once the patient

commence on this holistic journey, the long term gain of normal health is priceless.

If the body is offered enough time for restoration of metabolism, you can wave good bye to the yo-yo efect where weight gain is the next step to weight loss.

Weight loss and/or management is seldom only a physical challenge. Mostly, there is a fundamental need for emotional change as well. These needs will be addressed in the 10 sessions and the group sessions.

With this holistic approach, weight loss becomes more permanent, and you can enjoy future holidays and family gatherings without the fear of going back to your old, overweight past.

For a free information session, fill in our enquiry form. You will soon be contacted for an appointment Metabolic balance is available as a package - eating program with 10 follow up sessions and 5 group sessions of expressive arts.


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