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Imagine how the use of colour, shapes, movement, sound and words guide you back to a state of health, well being and happiness. This basic use of art is as old as the human being itself - a gateway to your deep inner wisdom that adds meaning to your everyday life.

This enjoyable inner journey allow you to mend the inner connections that will lead to a fuller and gratifying live. It's not about creating "a good piece of art" to be sold, admired or exhibited.

Expressing your ideas, emotions and beliefs on paper, rub shoulders with other western processes such as deep meditation, visualization and hypnosis in order to open doors to the deepest part of your psyche. Here you gain knowledge of the understanding of the intricate and artistic wiring and wisdom of the body and the psyche. However, it is simple, safe and of relative low cost.

The benefit and advantage of journalling goes a long way in everyday life - from health and weight problems to relationships and career difficulties.

At the very least you will experience the shift by being more relaxed and connected to life. Deeper changes bring about an  enhanced state of health, wisdom and serenity in relationships, and support you to make more of your opportunities. Suddenly you will become aware of the surfacing of a joy from deep in your body, a joy almost forgotten.

Why the Creative Journey? - life is a journey. To understand the true essence of life, you have to understand that life is a movement of energy. And through the free expression of art, you can learn to shape and manage your own journey. Learn to observe the inside of your body and mind. Learn to express it through art, and move into understanding life's messages.


Our Conscious Journalling for Change series of  7 weeks of online journalling is available now!

Little did I know, when I created this series in 2019, about the change and challenges awaiting us in 2020. It is designed to empower YOU in times of change, and to free you from the scars and emotional burdens of this dynamic time!

You! –can live life to the fullest, and take part in the changes that lies ahead for all of us!



Conscious Journalling for Change

  • July, 27th Zoom-online course

    Conscious Journalling for Change

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    July 22nd @ 18H00 CAT

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Dr. Elsi Meyer

Ever since I was a child, I was looking for the magical bridge between the mind and the body. This took me on a wonderful journey. Today I am a trained psychologist, kinesiologist and writer. I am delighted to have added Chakradance to my practice of expressive arts, the Creative Journey. These sessions are ways to cross the magical bridge, to learn more of yourself and your own strengths, and to live fully. I look forward to welcome you to a class soon.

Featured Article

Unique, Universal and Undivided you

Use creativity to cultivate your three most important U's 

When we express freely, we express our own uniqueness. If 100 people are asked to express the same thing creatively, using the same medium, there will arise 100 different expressions. Within our expressions lies the finger print of our souls.


Mandala Art

Creating & Drawing Mandala Art

Creating & Drawing Mandala Art

Mandalas are circles. In Sanskrit languages it translates to magical circles. To the subconscious mind it is the symbol of wholeness. Mandalas are widely found in:

nature (flowers, leaves),..