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Sunshine in your smile


Not having children of our own, my husband and I nurture the presence of children in our home. We are grateful for all the nieces, nephews and godchildren and other children that filled the space in our hearts and our house over the years. Most of them grew up now and is living a life of their own.
And then came Fanini. She is three years old, and the granddaughter of our housekeeper. Due to the unemployment figures in our country, her mother was forced to work in another country. Johanna and I decided to enrol her in the school closeby.
It is as if a ray of sunlight fills our home again. Off course there are days when she misses her mother and nanny from Kwamahlangu. When she comes from school, she is tired and falls asleep quickly.
But it is when her Gogo brings her back from a trip to the Spar, that the light shines through magnificently. It doesn’t matter if it is a new bag for school or plastic bracelets for the little arm. That bright smile of triumph lights up my heart and reminds me of how we are supposed to be in awe of life.

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