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Chakradance and Healing




Angeles Arrien, an anthropologist, educator and author named “Music, Song and Dance” among four of the most powerful techniques when it comes to healing:

Natalie Southgate, the founder of Chakradance®, did an excellent job to unlock this secret as she researched the world over to find music and songs (script) to bring healing (balance) to each chakra. She applied the most appropriate music, wrote the script to accompany the healing. Now we invite you to take part in the dance that will bring healing(balance) to each chakra.

For the Base Chakra, the music from Africa, Australia and North America bring healing to the victims inside each of us. It connects you to the mother, the nurturer and restores your sense of belonging that links to our roots, survival and sense of grounding.

From the Middle East, South America and Hawaii come the music to heal the rescuer of the Sacral Chakra. As you surrender to your own fluidity and sensuality, the empress, the ancient goddess will arise to restore your sense of pleasure and ability to reign your life.

The masculine warrior dances of the Maori, ancient Morocco, Spain, Mexico and Brazil are powerful and virile, as they ignite the fire in the Solar Plexus. From these dances, your inner warrior will emerge triumphant and strong.

The dances from ancient Spain, Egypt and China will move you with lightness to bring healing to the actor in the wounded Heart Chakra. Anahata – the unhurt one, will emerge on this soaring journey of love compassion and joy.

Ancient Egypt, Hawaii and the Tibetan culture knew the art of entwining sounds and movement to bring healing to the Throat Chakra. This is one of the most imbalanced chakras in our western culture.

The dance of the Third Eye is the dance of the intuitive mind. Simple repetitive dances from South East Africa, the Middle East and the Americas will allow you, the dancer to drift into your own visual world of colours, shapes and insights.

At the Crown Chakra, it is your souls’ chance to dance. It is a meditative dance, a dancing prayer that will restore the wisdom that is suppressed by too much intellectuality.


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