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Journeying the Solar Plexus

Join the dance of the warrior, the powerful

This month we journey through the Solar Plexus, the chakra with masculine energy that provides power to our whole self. As the name indicates, this energy comes from the inner light of the sun.

The energy of this chakra is closely linked to our sense of self-worth and the way we interact with people. Join the dance to accept your own true power, accepting the best for yourself and others. Without accepting our own good, we are not only disempowered, but we are also unable to move onto higher levels of love.

Once empowered, the warrior in ourselves rises, and we move graciously towards the goals that give meaning to our existence. We attract relationships that supports our sense of self-respect and self-worth.

When this chakra is out of balance, we find that any task is either too much, or takes more energy than we have to complete it. We are burdened by the perceptions of other people, and becomes servants in order to be recognized and valued by others.

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