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Chakradance, the Earth Chakras

Origin of Spiritual Growth

What are the earth chakras?

Think spirituality, and you think higher chakras, the love of the heart, speaking your truth, seeing beyond the physical and the wisdom of the crown chakra. The truth is, that while you do not have a solid foundation in the earth chakras, you will never bring your higher chakras to true potential. It will be similar to growing a tree with huge branches without providing ground for the roots to grow.

In Chakradance, we understand and honour the importance of grounding, and each session is a meditation through all three chakras before we move on to the higher chakras. In this way, we build to have a powerful experience each time, regardless the chakra that is focused on.

These chakras require grounding, the very act of getting out of your head, and into your body where the earth, water and fire is waiting to be set free to serve your earthly and spiritual existence.

I refer to the lower three chakras as the earth chakras. They carry the elements of earth, water and fire. These elements allow us to find a solid foundation in ourselves, our relationships and the way we express ourselves through finding purpose in life.

The root chakra brings us solidity, stability, focus and form.

The sacral chakra introduces us to difference, movement and change.

The solar plexus chakra merges matter and movement into a spark of personal power that brings transformation.

To thrive on all levels of life, we need be grounded and connected to the caring, nurturing and healing energy of the Great Mother with her soil, waters and fire.

Root Chakra – the home of the mother

Think roots
Feel solid ground beneath your feet.

Taste nurturing
Smell the richness of the earth.

This is your mother, your earthly guru, your nurturer. It is not what you have, it is what you are. Your body is your personal piece of earth to transport you on your journey, just like the earth transports us, her earthlings, through space and time. She takes your focus down into this earth, where you are rooted. There you will find
stillness, security and stability. In the presence of your body, you will find freedom and wisdom.

A victim stands opposite to the mother, and seeks fulfilment in achievements, in things and relationships. The victim is always on the short end of life, and at mercy of others and circumstances that fail to provide adequately. It becomes ignorant of the treasure of the earth in its own body.

The victim needs to wake up, to take responsibility for the self, hold the key to transformation in her/his own hand. By changing your thoughts from how others or circumstances control your fate, to:

  • thoughts with a broader perspective on your life and
  • seeing where you can start making changes to improve your life
  • look out for opportunities rather than loss, balance can be restored to this chakra.

Sacral Chakra – the home of the Empress

  • Solid becomes liquid
  • Unity splits into duality, and stillness holds a pulsation, movement - you are alive!
  • The empress reigns over the ever changing dance of polarities
  • Form finds direction through the sweetness of passion and pleasure
  • Consciousness and change merge into growth

This is a female energy and belong to all, regardless of gender. The empress is at play when one that can appreciate duality, opposites and change, with the good it brings. The waters inside the body obeys emotions and sensuality in the same way the ocean obeys the stand of the moon. It brings a life filled with a sense of joy.
and he/she has an appetite for the sweet things in life. The element of water carries this attitude of ease in the same way we witness a river flowing with ease and without obstruction.

Martyrs sacrifice their lives to take responsibility on behalf of other people, or for the sake of a good cause. This happens because they do not believe they deserve or own the goodness in life without paying something in return. It is like stumbling blocks in the way of water that is flowing free. In order to reclaim the life filled
with pleasure, the martyr needs to give him/herself permission to be:

  • prosperous and live in abundance
  • free, and living with ease, pleasure and well-being
  • sensual and delightful.


Solar Plexus – the home of the warrior

  • Power
  • Purpose
  • Expanding
  • Passion becomes strength, committed to the core

In the solar plexus our passion burst through the layers of mother earth and her waters, as the flames of our passion reach through passion and yearning to find determination, purpose and action. See the warrior, emanating from the solar plexus, as the torch of light ignites the power throughout your whole being. Power is
only possible when there is consciousness(light) and movement(fire).

When we are repressed in this chakra this chakra, we do not respect our basic worth, forever the servant, toiling to make a living.

The servant needs to be awaken by the light of consciousness and
· self-esteem
· self-acceptance
· allow his/her own healing and growth while moving towards purpose.

As we move through all seven chakras, the fire of this chakra with its power of combustion will drive that movement.
Without the first two chakras, this chakra will not have substance, and the fire will die soon.

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