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Happiness, an aid to weight loss 

There is no way to happiness, Happiness is the way - unknown

Happiness is a feeling good, but rather than a ecstatic feeling all the time, research showed that happiness is a contentment and feeling good about life circumstances. Happiness is the side-effect of holistic living. It is the inner flame that keeps you going. Contrary to popular belief that happiness comes from external conditions, happiness is directly linked to a life filled with meaning.

What is the role of happiness in a weight loss program?

The absence of happiness leaves the individual with a sense of emptiness. This emptiness is easily filled with food - usually food rich in sugar and unhealthy fats. Another way of filling this empty space is the abuse of alcohol.

Above behaviour can easily become an addiction, leading to overweight and other related health problems. By addressing your level of happiness, you can considerably support your weight loss and/or maintenance program.

How can we improve our happiness?
happify™ found that keeping to 5 simple daily habits can increase your general happiness significantly:

SAVOUR - learn how to savour simple things such as sitting in a chair, each bite of a meal, the hug of a friend

THANK - being thankful to other people is a modern day wonder drug: free of charge and without any sideeffects.

ASPIRE - feeling hopeful, having a sense of purpose and being optimistic.

GIVE - giving is commonly known to bring more happiness than receiving. However, it is only the gracious receiver that can graciously give. We can give and receive time, love, food and comfort.

EMPATHY - See that you are in relationships where there is caring and compassion. By being more caring, we are less judgemental, less frustrated, angry or disappointed
By giving up on the following, we can also improve our happiness:
give up on impressing others
give up on the need to be right
give up on the need to gossip about others.
give up on your past. It is over.

Happiness is living in the NOW. It enclose you like a blanket of bravado, comfort and joy.