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The Art of Sensing

Sensing is the subtle secret of being alive.

The act of sensing becomes impossible without interacting with your body. Once you start sensing, your body becomes alive. Being alive means that there is movement, and ultimately transformation.

The inside of the body is never without movement. However, the flow may become sluggish, and then we lose our vitality. Once body functions and movability slow down, we will inevitably lose our energy, liveliness and strength. We end up feeling completely lost.

The result is that unwelcome emotions such as fear, anger and a sense of separation start to creep in. One of the ways to cope with this sense of ‘not being alive’, is to over-engage in external activities. These activities are visible in the many forms of addiction around us.

A part of us always needs the assurance that we are alive. By over-engaging in work, sex, sport, eating, drinking, we try to silence the voice inside that is crying for help to become alive again.


By cultivating our senses, this feeling of ‘not being alive’ can be turned around. Cultivation of the sensing mind inside the body is a magical tool to regain our sense of being alive. The feeling of being lost can be turned around, and you will once again become aware of:

Trust - Sensuality - Owning your life -  Love

Once we start sensing, we leave behind the world of verbal thoughts. Shapes, colours, feelings and sounds become the vocabulary of our minds. If you stay, you will find that your fears and waves of anger subside, and you can free up space you need to meet with your own wisdom, wholeness and authenticity. Only then can you feel alive in the deepest part of your being.

 Meditation to cultivate your ability to sense

Sit or lie down in a comfortable place.

Take a deep breath, and as you breathe out, gently close your eyes.

Now focus on the space behind your eyes.

Imagine that a pair of smooth slim hands are growing from your eyes. These beautiful hands can see, as well as hear.

Now allow them to slowly move to your right ear. The two hands work their way gently around your ear. Maybe you become aware of the colours and textures aroused by the gentle waves of the hands in your ear. Listen carefully and become aware of any sounds. If you do not sense anything, relax while the hands gently feel their way in your ear.

Move the hands to the left ear. See if this ear look, feel and sound differently, or does it feel the same as the right ear?

Now move your hands softly down the throat, your chest, your whole body and as it moves, your mind travels along, exploring the secrets within your precious self.  

Become aware of the unconditional love there is throughout your body.

Now move to any place within your body where it feels tense, compressed and dark. Allow the hands to move to these parts, and just be there within a consciousness of its own. Stay with the energy flowing from the hands and sense the release of the emotion. You may become aware of sounds, colours shapes. Just be there, still and in the place, observe what happens to the energy. Breathe deeply and emerge yourself in the expanse of the energy.

What happens to the emotions? Just be there, until the energy of the emotions softens and subside.

Feel the peace before returning to the room.



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