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All languages consist of a form of alphabet. The letters/symbols of an alphabet are stringed together to form words and then these words are strung together to form sentences. The sentences can make up stories, impart information etc. At a deeper level, a story may reveal valuable messages or seeds of wisdom.

Learning the alphabet and using it brings a lot of enjoyment to anyone who has mastered a language. A language does not only speak to your ears and reasoning but it also speaks to your heart. That is why we love our mother tongue so much. We have been hearing it as far back as our time in our mother’s womb.

In Southern Africa, we have an ancient language called the click-languages which is spoken by the Bushmen. The Bushmen have been living here longer than any other group of inhabitants of southern Africa. Even today, they are striving to keep their mother tongue alive although only a few people still understand and can speak the language. For an outsider, the click-language of the Bushmen is a very difficult and challenging language to master.

There are however even older languages found around the world and the fascinating fact is, all people on earth would be able to relate to that language if they understood it and knew how to use it. This is the language of symbols.

Over many centuries healers identified certain symbols and used the meaning these symbols have to the subconscious mind to bring healing and peace. Once you learn how to interpret and apply these symbols, you will find how they have the potential to unfold like a fairy tale. You will also find that through these symbols you can accelerate your quest for wholeness.

Wholeness requires a feeling of connectedness. A great many books have been written in an effort to explain wholeness and connectedness. Since the beginning of penned languages, writers have been trying to capture the full meaning of these two words.


Connectedness is not only a noun; it is a verb. It is an art form where things are not merely thrown together in a pot to cook up a soup. The art lies in the way each part connects to the other. In this way, the whole is distinctly more than the sum of the parts.

The use of symbols will assist you in this art. You will start by drawing the symbols on the paper of your journal. By doing this a story will begin unfolding within you, reminding you of the liveliness and spontaneity of happy children playing together.

Even a child overcome by sadness will - once he finds and develops an appreciation for the games that are played - become enthralled and fascinated. This fascination takes him to a new state of consciousness where the sadness will fade and make way for a more contented feeling of “It is OK!”


The fascination of the stories which unfold in front of you will lift you out of your misery and the memories which remind you of your dis-connectedness. This is very akin to the way in which people sitting around a bonfire can be elated into different worlds by listening to the many stories which are told around that magical fire. By listening with your mind and your heart you will gain access to wisdom and ideas.

In the 7-week online workshop Conscious Journaling for Change, you will make use of several symbols to assist you in the art of changing your life the way you choose to.


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