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Seven Worlds of Wisdom



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Inside your body, there are many worlds of intelligence. Each world has a message, a teacher and a comforter. When you stop visiting these worlds you start losing clarity, wisdom and serenity. This loss impacts greatly on your quality of life.

Many of us were not brought up in a culture of visiting the worlds inside our bodies, and this lack leads to us experiencing a yearning for something more in life. The lack of these qualities is reflected in the mental, emotional and physical health of a society. So often it is mistakenly perceived as a lack of money, possessions, acknowledgements or qualifications.

Some people reason that through studying these worlds and knowing about them, they will acquire the advantages gained therefrom. You can never experience the full benefit of a chakra by only reading about it, in the same way, you cannot read about the effects of alcohol and know what it feels like to be intoxicated.

The 7 main chakras are prominent and influential worlds of energy inside your body. Even if you deny its existence, it is still there. To me, the interesting fact about these worlds is that they were part of your equipment when you entered this life on earth. There is no substitute for the advantage you gain from visiting these worlds. It is part of your picture-perfect, amazing design.  

Once you come into the habit of visiting these worlds, you equip yourself with a spirit which can conquer an ever-changing, challenging life.

There is so much for you to discover every time you invite yourself back into these magnificent worlds. You will be even more surprised when you realize that some of these worlds are more familiar to you than you thought at first. You may even find yourself entering effortlessly and moving around with familiarity. This is because you may have at one time or another entered and experienced this world quite instinctively and unintentionally. This happens because it is a natural part of your being to be drawn to these worlds.

On the other hand, some of the worlds you enter may feel strange to you. This estrangement happens when your lifestyle or your beliefs about life never even permitted the possibility that these worlds existed. It is then that you might experience difficulty and even hostility when you enter. However, these worlds can teach you a great deal about yourself: your strengths, weaknesses and life itself.

Each of these 7 worlds has a distinct colour and a location along your spine. The acknowledgement of this alone is already a starting point on this exciting journey we are about to take.

During your 7week journey, you will be visiting a different chakra every week.


At the base of the spine you will find the base chakra and it is the colour red. You enter this world by feeling the solid earth under your feet.

  • The message here is that you belong.
  • Your teachers are the animals of the earth and you will learn from them through your own inherent instincts. For this, you will need to keep your feet firmly on the ground.
  • The comforter in this world is Mother Earth who will nurture you through nature.

Those who do not take the time to visit this world will recognise a pattern in their lives in which they often become the victim of someone or certain situations. These people often feel that they do not belong, even in the most familiar conditions


Just below the navel is the sacral chakra and it has the colour orange. You enter this world by feeling the flowing of water through your body. It is cool and you feel how it washes away your stress.

  • The message here is that life is fluid and can, therefore, be manipulated to create and shape your life. This chakra is a master in the art of combining opposites. Instead of being at war with each other, they become winning partners. Some independent women, for instance, will declare war at the first sign of male interference in their lives, forgetting that the combination of the male and female can bring about something unique and fascinating. This combining holds true for all opposites. People who see the world as black and white and disregard anything in between may be amazed to find that in between black and white you find the colours of the rainbow.
  • Your teacher is the wild gypsy. From this woman you will learn to love life and the joys thereof. Through her exuberance and wildness at heart you will have the freedom to create and shape a rich, fulfilling life without limits.
  • The comforter in this world is the empress. She always reigns, even in the most difficult of times. Victory is her birth right.

Those who do not take the wisdom from this inner world will recognise a pattern of being the martyr, the rescuer - the one who lives for the sake of others and not for the purpose which they were created for.

Just above the navel is the chakra of the solar plexus and it has the colour yellow. You enter this world by feeling the warmth of the sun seeping through your body. If you allow it, a fire will be ignited in your solar plexus and this fire will provide energy throughout your whole being.

  • The message here is that you have the power to manifest the dreams you created in your mind through the world of the sacral chakra.
  • Your teachers are the people who surround you. They will teach you to set boundaries in which you feel safe and where you can live the life of your dreams.
  • The comforter in this world is the hero, the warrior. This hero will fan your flame and help you to manifest your dreams.

Those who avoid going into this world will find themselves as servants to others or find that they toil with difficulty.

The wisdom of these three worlds makes it possible to move to the world of your heart with unconditional love. Without the safety created by the previously mentioned three chakras, love will always be dependent on the behaviour of others. Those who love unconditionally are easily hurt. And hurt people often lash out and hurt other people.

In the middle of your chest is the heart chakra and it has the colour green - sometimes you may even see gold and pink. You enter this world by feeling the lightness of the air around you. The colour green provides energy where healing can take place.

  • The message is that you are loved unconditionally.
  • Your teacher is Anahata, the unhurt one. She teaches you to live a life without hurt.
  • The comforters in this world are the angels who will allow you to shed the burdens in life by handing it over to them in prayer, meditation or any other form of devotion.

Those who do not take the time to visit this world find it difficult to love. They become the actors in life where everything is put up as a drama and feelings are acted out according to a script instead of being expressed from the heart.

Going upwards to the neck, you arrive at the throat chakra and it has the colour blue - the world of ether. By rubbing your hands together you will experience the energy of the ether between them. Think of a chamber built with clear crystal and the pure energy which accumulates in such a chamber -you have entered the world of the throat chakra. It carries the vibration of your personal rhythm.

  • The message is that it is time to get real! You are the expression of your truth. The lighter your unique expression of yourself, the closer you are to your truth.
  • Your teachers are the sounds that come from you and to you. Listen to them and you will know where and who you are.
  • The comforter in this world is the silence between words and sounds. It is there that you will be able to restore the unique rhythm with which your life flows. Your pure note will escape from that silence. This is one of the reasons why it is so essential to meditate. There is no other way to hear that silence. However, there are many ways to meditate, and Conscious Journaling is one of them. 

Those who do not take the time to visit this world find it difficult to express who they are. Even when they express themselves in hard, loud tones, they notice that they are not being heard in life. They often replace rhythm with routine and then they get lost. You will detect them as they whine and babble their way through life.

In time the unique child within falls silent and gives up on expressing their uniqueness. This loss of your enriching uniqueness leaves the world a more barren and destitute place.

Your third eye chakra is located between your eyebrows - the world of light and it has the colour indigo, the colour of the night sky. When this chakra is open you see beyond the physical world. You see the deeper meaning of what is happening. The most fascinating peculiarity to me is that you have the power to create whatever you envision in your mind’s eye.

  • The message is that you create what you kindle in your mind’s eye. For example: what thoughts occupy your mind throughout the day – are they positive or negative thoughts?
  • Your teacher is your intuition. Once you learn to trust your intuition, you can find your way out of the darkest woods.
  • The comforter in this world is your own intuition, once you learn to trust it.

Those who neglect this world are people at the mercy of the darkness and uncertainty of life. They have no control over and understand nothing about where they find themselves in life. They have to live life according to recipes and formulas and not in their own unique way.

Your crown chakra is located at the crown of your head - the world of your soul - It has a purple colour. In this world, you will be able to make the connection to the Higher Being that some people call God, the Source or the Creator.

  • The message is that you are duality – your physical body is the temple where your soul will calm and teach you.
  • Your teacher is that which you know – all the experiences you have garnered thus far in your life. When you allow your knowledge to be your teacher, wisdom arrives.
  • The comforter is the connection between this world and your eternal soul - and it is beautiful.

Those who neglect this world see life as a period of time, limited to the existence of the physical body and life as a set of given facts (knowledge).

During this 7-week journey on Conscious Journalling (, we visit these worlds in a unique way that will allow you to benefit profoundly from what they have to offer.

This is what participants have to say: 

           I loved the fact that we worked with chakras each week.

           I learned something new about them and experienced how they influence my life - Sonja



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