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Rules seem to have a dynamic of their own. It moves through communities like a strong current.      Some would obey to it due to its powerful nature, while others take on the challenge of going against them.

As an educator, I have learnt that rules, to be effective, need to be as few as possible, and as sensible as possible. The question arises: to whom should they be sensible?

The first problem I have with rules are that too often, they are made by those who benefit from them. A very long time ago, all woman gave birth to children in a sitting position. In developed countries, women started going to doctors to fall pregnant, remain pregnant, and to give birth. So, the rule became: a woman should lie down when they go into labour. Who made the rule? Certainly not a woman who instinctively knew they should give birth in a sitting position.

But rules are fascinating in a different way as well.

Rules give a pseudo-comfort. Comfort is something that makes one at ease, while pseudo comfort has the same effect as anaesthetics. It hushes the senses. It makes one un-awake. Rules make us un-awake.

Look around you and see how rules affect the community. The more rules, the less spontaneity, creativity, common sense and plain enjoyment there is. Those who do not follow the rules are punished, and those who do, are reigned in, and often envious of those who have the freedom to follow their own rules in life.

The biggest concern I have over rules is that insensible rules constrain perspective. Perspective is paramount to good judgement. Take an honest look around you, and then tell me if you think that the majority of people in influential positions have good judgement. 

Is it not time for us to reconsider our own perspective and the rules we bow to without giving it a second thought?

Should we not broaden our perspective, and narrow down on the rules in our lives that exist without any meaning? A word of caution: do not start with those rules that would have you end up serving a jail sentence.

Even if you might feel vulnerable, would it not be nice to wake up to your life?

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