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The Sound of Paper

The Sound of Paper

There is kind of knowing in the bone that a writer can tap into’

Dorian Haarhoff


 If someone would ask me, “What is your favourite book?” I would have to think hard because there are so many different books out there. However, my favourite title would be easy to name. ‘The Sound of Paper’ is the title of one of Julia Cameron’s books. The title says it all: It is the sounds that paper makes when you start writing on it. Paper talks back to you from the depth of your being. So many insights are gained from writing or journaling.

When you journal, you enter the world of thoughts and imagination in a different way. The art of journaling is to allow your thoughts to flow. To dig even deeper into the body-conscious mind, make use of pictures and sketches. Now you speak the language of the wisdom hidden in the body. It all becomes possible from the willing surface of your paper.

 Journaling is a unique and personal experience for everybody. However, to make the most of this experience, you can remember the following:

 * Doing this 3-4 times a week, along with meditations, you will find that and your level of happiness and quality will improve.

 * You can do 15-20-minute writing each day, or longer if you do it only a few times a week.

 * If you are new to drawing your thoughts, emotions and inner experience, it would be best to start off with

  • A journal - not too small. An A4 is good.
  • Pens that glide easily over the pages of your journal
  • broad, colourful crayons, pastels or colouring pencils
  • modelling clay with different colours.

 * Journaling first thing in the morning is always good, but not practical for many people.

 * See if you can do it the same time each day.

 * It is useful to create a spot where you can journal without being disturbed.

 * Be jealous of your own time of journaling. It will not only benefit you but all the loved ones close to you as well.

 * Keep it light, playful and enjoyable.

* End the session with insight, positivity or a new commitment for change.

Be kind and patient with yourself. Be your own cheerleader. Accept your weak points gracefully and acknowledge any small step of improvement.

Before each session starts, turn down the volume of your inner critic.

Happy journaling!

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