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Unique, Universal and Undivided you

Use creativity to cultivate your three most important U's 

When we express freely, we express our own uniqueness. If 100 people are asked to express the same thing creatively, using the same medium, there will arise 100 different expressions. Within our expressions lies the finger print of our souls.

That is why creative expression is the best way to cultivate your unique self!

Your uniqueness is the appreciation that you are different, without being separate. Through your uniqueness, you compliment the people next to you and your surroundings, rather than opposing it.

Being unique is natural, and a celebration of who you are!

Uniqueness is the opposite of perfection. It inspires and uplifts those around you, never threatened by anybody.

Being unique allow you to be spontaneous, authentic, flexible and resilient.

Uniqueness is the twin of Universal belonging . It is when we see ourselves as better - worse, stronger - weaker than others, that a sense of separateness and disconnection start making its way in our minds and beliefs.

To conquer this feeling of parting with Life, people create rules to mimic their natural safety, and once again believe that they belong. These rules are called dogma, legislation, policies, ethics and many more names.

While you are acting according to the rules, you feel you belong.

People appreciating their own uniqueness, understand that they belong universally, and do not need rules to feel safe.

While creative expression restores your uniqueness, it also restores your universal belonging and inner sense of safety.

Through Creative expression, we align a very important and executive trio within ourselves. I am referring to the alignment of our rational thoughts, our emotions and our bodies. If we have a strong rational thought, but cannot find affirmation for it in our emotions and bodies, we have lost to two-thirds of our executive board members.


Life is dynamic, and we need to adapt and change all the time. In order to make fruitful changes in our lives, we need to have at least two thirds voting in our favour, but preferable we need a unanimous vote. The search for our uniqueness and universal belonging does not go primarily through the rational mind. It is mostly the

beginning of the search. The true connection happens in the emotions and in the body. There you find the

undivided self.


The Creative Journey is a journey inwards, where you can open up a conversation to bring unity inside yourself, to find the Undivided You


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