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Online Workshop for Change



It is all about the way we think

We are living in a fast-moving world. Since 2020 it became fast changing, but even more, the future that lies ahead is in no way anything that we could imagine a year or two ago.

The ‘unknown’ came knocking at our doors, and it seems as if our prediction of the immediate future became a luxury of the past.

The fact that we are moving more and more into an uncertain world, calls for a different way of thinking.

The mostly logical thoughts that steered us safely and effectively  through decades where we could have a fair idea what the play field we call life, would be like, has to be adjusted to move forward in a different way.

It is more and more important to live in the moment, without attachments to things that became illusive to us.

Goal setting changed. In this workshop you will learn all about that.

You will learn how to transform an experience where everything that looks strange and threatening to your highly trained logical mind, to an adventurous new way of thinking.

You will also experience how a different thinking style brings back your power to control this new life we are experiencing.

We need to change our thinking style!

Why is this workshop different?

  • This workshop is different because it engages all parts of your mind. While so much emphasis were placed on emotional intelligence, now is the time to understand what the body-mind can bring to the table.
  • You will expand the powerful assets of the logical mind, and exponentially increase your power to change.
  • By engaging your logical-, emotional and body-mind, you can manage bigger changes.
  • This workshop incorporates the 7 main chakras in this workshop, we engage the wisdom that comes from them in a unique way. Participants love this part of the workshop! See 7 Worlds of Wisdom
  • Participants are guided to make changes from the inside and discover that it is not only more sustainable, but also more personal.


Who is Conscious Journalling for?

  • This workshop is different because it engages all parts of your mind. While so much emphasis were placed on emotional intelligence, now is the time to understand what the body-mind can bring to the table.
  • You will expand the powerful assets of the logical mind, and exponentially increase your power to change.
  • By engaging your logical-, emotional and body-mind, you can manage bigger changes.
  • This workshop incorporates the 7 main chakras in this workshop, we engage the wisdom that comes from them in a unique way. Participants love this part of the workshop! See 7 Worlds of Wisdom
  • Participants are guided to make changes from the inside and discover that it is not only more sustainable, but also more personal.


Our goal in life is to grow

Growing means changing all the time. When we struggle to change, we struggle to live fully, and a deep feeling of unfulfilment, displeasure and irritation starts rearing its head. This influences the way we perceive ourselves and leads to the questioning of our existence. We start believing that life is a battleground and the weapons we have on hand are not sufficient to deal with the onslaught. This is wrong because we have been equipped with tools to grow and strive, not with tools to make war.

Through our inability to change we become stuck in the same groove time and again.  Irritation mounts every time we get stuck and we sink deeper and deeper into the swamp of futility.

During this online workshop, we will be reaffirming and helping you to use the tools you have at hand to live and thrive with, instead of looking for tools with which to fight a war.

Change is not something that happens outside of you. It starts deep within your inner self and it involves all the many parts of who you are - your mind, body and spirit with all its individual aspects. Trying to change by only engaging one aspect of who you are is like trying to turn a four-wheel vehicle using only one wheel. Once you have learnt how to embrace change graciously you will be able to move forward with confidence and surety, enjoying life to the full.


Our goal in life is to grow


Even those who do not like change and avoid it at all cost, unknowingly change at least some things on a daily basis. People fear change because they fear the unknown. By working with the tools that I will share with you, you will see how to graciously move from the un-known to that which is already familiar to you.


Of course, changing your height, the colour of your eyes or your parents or children’s personalities is not something I will be able to help you with. But, if changing the size of your body,  your mindset, perspective on life or your emotions are what you are aiming for, this course is for you. Try it and experience the changes brought about in your body, your job and especially your relationship with others.

Many of us suffer huge, seemingly insurmountable losses like death, painful relationship breakups, loss of money, power, limbs and health.  Even the loss of youth is for some an extremely difficult stage of life to accept.  These occurrences happen in life and some of them are so painful that all we want to do is to shrink into ourselves and hide in order to avoid more pain. But the only way forward is to face whatever has befallen you and change around the pain.

I too, have suffered extreme loss and tried to stay in the pain and hoped for it to go away. This attitude led me to the conclusion that in the end, stagnation is even more unbearable than the change which finally helped and led me to face a brighter, more positive future.

This course is about transforming a life of misery into a life of enjoyment.

Next course starts 7th February 2021

Your investment:  R 1,950-00

Hope to see you there!




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The Plus Symbol


People have become very aware of whole-brain thinking. What fascinates me about the whole brain-thinking is the way the parts of the mind come alive together. The body-mind, the emotional mind and the rational mind seem to wake up together and an inner harmony emerges. Different parts of the brain control different functions and in the same way, the different parts of your personality each have a function in your thinking, your relationships, choice-making and more.

The plus symbol is there to remind you how important it is to synthesize and integrate all parts of yourself. Not only do you need to add up all of these parts before you can become whole but you need to acknowledge each part as equally important. Once you are able to do this, you will witness a shift in your thinking. It will be evident in the self-talk, the monkey chatter in your head. The relentless running commentary will slow down, decrease in occurrence thereby leading to an improvement in the quality of your thoughts.

Every part of your being deserves to be acknowledged and allowed to share a space in your life. Just think about a class full of children. If a teacher only acknowledges a selected few, allowing only them to participate and answer her questions, chaos will ensue with the ignored pupils talking, playing games and even fighting amongst themselves. The teacher will have a tremendous battle in trying to keep the attention of the small select group while still maintaining order in the class.

The same happens to your personality. While you may favour those parts of yourself which suit society i.e. your job, your friends etc, the other parts do not disappear into thin air just because you ignore them. These parts start experiencing abandonment and isolation and in the absence of the teacher (sensibility), they start shouting out their own ideas, fears and unruly thoughts. Just like children who would do anything to draw attention, these parts will find a way of getting your attention.

These thoughts will not go away until they are acknowledged and until you do give acknowledgement. They will keep craving your attention by displaying signs of obsession in four ways:

Obsessed with perfection

These thoughts will keep your mind busy by endlessly comparing you to someone or something outside of you.

  • My legs are thinner than hers
  • My children are smarter than the Murray-children
  • If only I could lose another 5 kg
  • One day I will drive a real car

Obsessed with knowing

Being able to venture into the unknown is our birthright. While you are obsessed with knowing, you will never allow yourself the freedom of going into uncharted waters. You will not only lose that part of you which is adventurous and spontaneous, but you may also lose your inner compass and ability to live your life fully and uniquely. You will only tread the worn, threadbare paths and wonder why life has become so boring.

  • It is not tested in a laboratory – so it’s not safe.
  • What if… these questions will supply you with a dozen and more of things that can go wrong, regardless of the probability of it not happening at all!
  • These people do not enjoy surprises at all.


Obsession with intensity

The thoughts arising from this obsession will never allow for a mediocre crisis. Their game is to catastrophise everything.

  • If I don’t go to the doctor, this may become a life threatening illness
  • My child nearly drowned! –he only had a few big gulps of water.
  • I will never find love again. I will lock myself up in solitude for the rest of my life!
  • All perfectionists fall in this category.

Obsession with bad news

These parts will make you irritated in your rush home just in case you miss the evening news.  You will be fascinated by everything that is wrong all over the world and then go to bed worrying about the state of the world and the economy. You will be so overwhelmed by these thoughts and fears that you miss out on spending quality with your friends and family.  You will be obsessed with listening or reading the news – and as all journalists know bad news – not good – is what sells the daily newspapers.

If you allow all parts of your personality to surface and take up their rightful places, these voices will slow down, become weaker and quieter. In time you will hear the humming of your energies as they work together towards your goals. You will start experiencing the satisfaction to be found in every moment and you will “hear the snowfall in your body”.  The direction and intention of your thoughts will be integrated.

In this way, you will experience satisfaction during every moment of your life. Your reward will not be found only at the end of the road but in every step you take.  By artfully integrating the different parts of you, the dualities in life and the perceived polarities which you encounter on your unique and special journey you will reap the rewards of a rich and full life.

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All languages consist of a form of alphabet. The letters/symbols of an alphabet are stringed together to form words and then these words are strung together to form sentences. The sentences can make up stories, impart information etc. At a deeper level, a story may reveal valuable messages or seeds of wisdom.

Learning the alphabet and using it brings a lot of enjoyment to anyone who has mastered a language. A language does not only speak to your ears and reasoning but it also speaks to your heart. That is why we love our mother tongue so much. We have been hearing it as far back as our time in our mother’s womb.

In Southern Africa, we have an ancient language called the click-languages which is spoken by the Bushmen. The Bushmen have been living here longer than any other group of inhabitants of southern Africa. Even today, they are striving to keep their mother tongue alive although only a few people still understand and can speak the language. For an outsider, the click-language of the Bushmen is a very difficult and challenging language to master.

There are however even older languages found around the world and the fascinating fact is, all people on earth would be able to relate to that language if they understood it and knew how to use it. This is the language of symbols.

Over many centuries healers identified certain symbols and used the meaning these symbols have to the subconscious mind to bring healing and peace. Once you learn how to interpret and apply these symbols, you will find how they have the potential to unfold like a fairy tale. You will also find that through these symbols you can accelerate your quest for wholeness.

Wholeness requires a feeling of connectedness. A great many books have been written in an effort to explain wholeness and connectedness. Since the beginning of penned languages, writers have been trying to capture the full meaning of these two words.


Connectedness is not only a noun; it is a verb. It is an art form where things are not merely thrown together in a pot to cook up a soup. The art lies in the way each part connects to the other. In this way, the whole is distinctly more than the sum of the parts.

The use of symbols will assist you in this art. You will start by drawing the symbols on the paper of your journal. By doing this a story will begin unfolding within you, reminding you of the liveliness and spontaneity of happy children playing together.

Even a child overcome by sadness will - once he finds and develops an appreciation for the games that are played - become enthralled and fascinated. This fascination takes him to a new state of consciousness where the sadness will fade and make way for a more contented feeling of “It is OK!”


The fascination of the stories which unfold in front of you will lift you out of your misery and the memories which remind you of your dis-connectedness. This is very akin to the way in which people sitting around a bonfire can be elated into different worlds by listening to the many stories which are told around that magical fire. By listening with your mind and your heart you will gain access to wisdom and ideas.

In the 7-week online workshop Conscious Journaling for Change, you will make use of several symbols to assist you in the art of changing your life the way you choose to.


Read more about the workshop:



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The Triangle


Change is a learning experience. Using this symbol in journaling, it will help you to subconsciously bring about the change you desire.

In Conscious Journaling for Change, ( we use this to build a powerful structure to make the most of our experience in our journals. 

The triangle is equilateral which means the base and the three sides are of equal length.

The base represents the idea of change that you put forward. You could compare it to a plan that an architect draws on paper.



The absence or neglect of any of the three aspects will hamper your effort. Therefore, you have to make sure you have:

  • A clear idea of what you want to change
  • An image of what the change will look like, and the necessary symbolic language to assist in the process of unmasking the unknown wisdom of your subconscious mind.
  • Your logical, verbal and conscious mind with which to understand and put the plan into action.

The apex will be the completion but not the end. The completion will be the new level from which a new change will arise.

The triangle will lose its strength if you leave out the base. Think of a very high rock with a narrow base. In time wind and storms will erode the base causing the entire rock formation to fall over. An example of this was a great tourist attraction Namibia - named the Finger Stone - which fell over in 1988 because its base became too eroded and weak to keep it upright. When you journal for change, it is important to know what you want to achieve. Discovering your aim is what you will be doing in the first week of the 7-week online program. You set the stage by having your journal, writing and drawing material and your plan ready before you proceed.

The two upper legs of the triangle need to meet each other at a point where they have the same weight or length. Think of an arrowhead.

It is focussed and it has movement. However, if the two sides that form the apex are not the same length, the arrow will miss its target. Whereas if they are the same length the arrow will stay true to its path and find the target.

The arrowhead below will never reach its mark.


Like the arrowhead, you will have to balance the use of

  • your verbal language
  • and your symbolic language.

What you will discover is the verbal language helps you put on paper that which you already know. Your target is somewhere in the unknown - your sub-conscious mind. The use of colours, shapes, textures, sounds and other symbolic languages will build the bridge between the known and the unknown. Your bridge needs a balanced use of verbal and non-verbal language before you will be able to uncover the unknown. 

On the other side of the bridge, you will discover the obstacle within you and you will need to overcome before you can make the changes you desire. These obstacles will appear in the form of internal dialogue, worries, emotions, thoughts and beliefs. However, by keeping your triangle equilateral, not allowing anyone of the three to overtake the others, you will ensure that there is forward movement. In this way, you will work through all the blockages until you finally reach the top.

Thus, when you feel that your journaling loses its power, focus or you run into a barrier, remember this symbol and use it to help you restore the process.

Ways of working with the symbol:

  • One way of working with the triangle is to doodle triangles.
  • Another way is to follow an imaginary triangle with your eyes.
  • You can also draw a triangle and see if you still have a plan of where you need to go, or where you need change. Look at your journal and see if there are too many words, or only shapes and colours. Try to find a better balance.



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Seven Worlds of Wisdom



Download PDF file: 7 Worlds of Wisdom 


Inside your body, there are many worlds of intelligence. Each world has a message, a teacher and a comforter. When you stop visiting these worlds you start losing clarity, wisdom and serenity. This loss impacts greatly on your quality of life.

Many of us were not brought up in a culture of visiting the worlds inside our bodies, and this lack leads to us experiencing a yearning for something more in life. The lack of these qualities is reflected in the mental, emotional and physical health of a society. So often it is mistakenly perceived as a lack of money, possessions, acknowledgements or qualifications.

Some people reason that through studying these worlds and knowing about them, they will acquire the advantages gained therefrom. You can never experience the full benefit of a chakra by only reading about it, in the same way, you cannot read about the effects of alcohol and know what it feels like to be intoxicated.

The 7 main chakras are prominent and influential worlds of energy inside your body. Even if you deny its existence, it is still there. To me, the interesting fact about these worlds is that they were part of your equipment when you entered this life on earth. There is no substitute for the advantage you gain from visiting these worlds. It is part of your picture-perfect, amazing design.  

Once you come into the habit of visiting these worlds, you equip yourself with a spirit which can conquer an ever-changing, challenging life.

There is so much for you to discover every time you invite yourself back into these magnificent worlds. You will be even more surprised when you realize that some of these worlds are more familiar to you than you thought at first. You may even find yourself entering effortlessly and moving around with familiarity. This is because you may have at one time or another entered and experienced this world quite instinctively and unintentionally. This happens because it is a natural part of your being to be drawn to these worlds.

On the other hand, some of the worlds you enter may feel strange to you. This estrangement happens when your lifestyle or your beliefs about life never even permitted the possibility that these worlds existed. It is then that you might experience difficulty and even hostility when you enter. However, these worlds can teach you a great deal about yourself: your strengths, weaknesses and life itself.

Each of these 7 worlds has a distinct colour and a location along your spine. The acknowledgement of this alone is already a starting point on this exciting journey we are about to take.

During your 7week journey, you will be visiting a different chakra every week.


At the base of the spine you will find the base chakra and it is the colour red. You enter this world by feeling the solid earth under your feet.

  • The message here is that you belong.
  • Your teachers are the animals of the earth and you will learn from them through your own inherent instincts. For this, you will need to keep your feet firmly on the ground.
  • The comforter in this world is Mother Earth who will nurture you through nature.

Those who do not take the time to visit this world will recognise a pattern in their lives in which they often become the victim of someone or certain situations. These people often feel that they do not belong, even in the most familiar conditions


Just below the navel is the sacral chakra and it has the colour orange. You enter this world by feeling the flowing of water through your body. It is cool and you feel how it washes away your stress.

  • The message here is that life is fluid and can, therefore, be manipulated to create and shape your life. This chakra is a master in the art of combining opposites. Instead of being at war with each other, they become winning partners. Some independent women, for instance, will declare war at the first sign of male interference in their lives, forgetting that the combination of the male and female can bring about something unique and fascinating. This combining holds true for all opposites. People who see the world as black and white and disregard anything in between may be amazed to find that in between black and white you find the colours of the rainbow.
  • Your teacher is the wild gypsy. From this woman you will learn to love life and the joys thereof. Through her exuberance and wildness at heart you will have the freedom to create and shape a rich, fulfilling life without limits.
  • The comforter in this world is the empress. She always reigns, even in the most difficult of times. Victory is her birth right.

Those who do not take the wisdom from this inner world will recognise a pattern of being the martyr, the rescuer - the one who lives for the sake of others and not for the purpose which they were created for.

Just above the navel is the chakra of the solar plexus and it has the colour yellow. You enter this world by feeling the warmth of the sun seeping through your body. If you allow it, a fire will be ignited in your solar plexus and this fire will provide energy throughout your whole being.

  • The message here is that you have the power to manifest the dreams you created in your mind through the world of the sacral chakra.
  • Your teachers are the people who surround you. They will teach you to set boundaries in which you feel safe and where you can live the life of your dreams.
  • The comforter in this world is the hero, the warrior. This hero will fan your flame and help you to manifest your dreams.

Those who avoid going into this world will find themselves as servants to others or find that they toil with difficulty.

The wisdom of these three worlds makes it possible to move to the world of your heart with unconditional love. Without the safety created by the previously mentioned three chakras, love will always be dependent on the behaviour of others. Those who love unconditionally are easily hurt. And hurt people often lash out and hurt other people.

In the middle of your chest is the heart chakra and it has the colour green - sometimes you may even see gold and pink. You enter this world by feeling the lightness of the air around you. The colour green provides energy where healing can take place.

  • The message is that you are loved unconditionally.
  • Your teacher is Anahata, the unhurt one. She teaches you to live a life without hurt.
  • The comforters in this world are the angels who will allow you to shed the burdens in life by handing it over to them in prayer, meditation or any other form of devotion.

Those who do not take the time to visit this world find it difficult to love. They become the actors in life where everything is put up as a drama and feelings are acted out according to a script instead of being expressed from the heart.

Going upwards to the neck, you arrive at the throat chakra and it has the colour blue - the world of ether. By rubbing your hands together you will experience the energy of the ether between them. Think of a chamber built with clear crystal and the pure energy which accumulates in such a chamber -you have entered the world of the throat chakra. It carries the vibration of your personal rhythm.

  • The message is that it is time to get real! You are the expression of your truth. The lighter your unique expression of yourself, the closer you are to your truth.
  • Your teachers are the sounds that come from you and to you. Listen to them and you will know where and who you are.
  • The comforter in this world is the silence between words and sounds. It is there that you will be able to restore the unique rhythm with which your life flows. Your pure note will escape from that silence. This is one of the reasons why it is so essential to meditate. There is no other way to hear that silence. However, there are many ways to meditate, and Conscious Journaling is one of them. 

Those who do not take the time to visit this world find it difficult to express who they are. Even when they express themselves in hard, loud tones, they notice that they are not being heard in life. They often replace rhythm with routine and then they get lost. You will detect them as they whine and babble their way through life.

In time the unique child within falls silent and gives up on expressing their uniqueness. This loss of your enriching uniqueness leaves the world a more barren and destitute place.

Your third eye chakra is located between your eyebrows - the world of light and it has the colour indigo, the colour of the night sky. When this chakra is open you see beyond the physical world. You see the deeper meaning of what is happening. The most fascinating peculiarity to me is that you have the power to create whatever you envision in your mind’s eye.

  • The message is that you create what you kindle in your mind’s eye. For example: what thoughts occupy your mind throughout the day – are they positive or negative thoughts?
  • Your teacher is your intuition. Once you learn to trust your intuition, you can find your way out of the darkest woods.
  • The comforter in this world is your own intuition, once you learn to trust it.

Those who neglect this world are people at the mercy of the darkness and uncertainty of life. They have no control over and understand nothing about where they find themselves in life. They have to live life according to recipes and formulas and not in their own unique way.

Your crown chakra is located at the crown of your head - the world of your soul - It has a purple colour. In this world, you will be able to make the connection to the Higher Being that some people call God, the Source or the Creator.

  • The message is that you are duality – your physical body is the temple where your soul will calm and teach you.
  • Your teacher is that which you know – all the experiences you have garnered thus far in your life. When you allow your knowledge to be your teacher, wisdom arrives.
  • The comforter is the connection between this world and your eternal soul - and it is beautiful.

Those who neglect this world see life as a period of time, limited to the existence of the physical body and life as a set of given facts (knowledge).

During this 7-week journey on Conscious Journalling (, we visit these worlds in a unique way that will allow you to benefit profoundly from what they have to offer.

This is what participants have to say: 

           I loved the fact that we worked with chakras each week.

           I learned something new about them and experienced how they influence my life - Sonja



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