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"I have many teachers - my family, my friends, my own body and especially my fears. I am thankful for all the lessons that I have learned, and still learning."

About Dr Elsi Meyer

Ever since I was a child, I was looking for the magical bridge between the mind and the body. This took me on a

wonderful journey. Today I am a trained psychologist, kinesiologist and writer. I am delighted to have added

Chakradance to my practice of expressive arts, the Creative Journey. These sessions are ways to cross the magical bridge, to learn more of yourself and your own strengths, and to live fully. I look forward to welcome you to a class soon.

I always thought about life in a different way. I could not understand why illnesses were treated from the outside and not from the inside. I was fascinated by what found. I pursued the art of living and enlightenment more than I pursued a career.

I am still on my lifelong journey of discovery. In the beginning I would thought that I got to the core of what I was looking for. This happened when I was introduced to the Medical Hypnoanalysis Model. At last I found a study where physical and mental Illnesses were linked to thoughts and emotions. However, I found an even deeper connection when I stumbled upon Kinesiology. Ahead of me lay the discovery of infinite connections of the mind, emotions, the body and energy systems. Today I understand that I am somewhere near the beginning of this journey, and that there is infinite more to be discovered.

For quite a time I felt that I was part of a minority who insisted that there were more to life than what we were seeing on the outside. Today there is a huge movement of people who understand what immense intelligence the body has, and the connection between the body, mind and spirit. I feel honoured to be part of the enlightenment of the human race, at this moment in time, where the world seems to be turned upside down. We are invited to go inside to make sense, and on even a deeper level, to make peace with the world. If you are reading this page, you are one of those people too, and I am Home Chakradance Creative Journey Meditation Metabolic Balance Blog Contact privileged to share my journey with you.

What I share with you, is the experience on my journey. The things that intrigued me when I was looking for ways to live life from the inside out, and to seek fulfilment through my own existence.

I have many teachers - my family, my friends, my own body and especially my fears. I am thankful for all the lessons that I have learned, and still learning.

Dr. Elsi Meyer uses a holistic approach to healing and balance for body and mind. Using Chakradance, Creative Journey Expressive Art Therapy, Meditation and Metabolic Balance she will help guide you in the art of Living and Enlightenment.

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